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August 1, 2012 by Ville Raivio

Miesten tyylistä löytyy taatusti tuhansia kokoelmateoksia sun muita opuksia, joissa yksi tai useampi kynäilijä määrittelee Totuuden. Klassisen tyylin parissa niin sanotut Totuudet ovat melko lailla universaaleja, näistä esimerkkinä vaikkapa frakkihousujen upslaakittomuus, valkoisten urheilusukkien panna pukukenkien kera taikka paidan kaikkien nappien kiinnittäminen valtiovierailulla. Tätä sarkaa klassisen tyylin suhteen julistavat seuraava teokset, joista osa on esitelty Keikarissa, osa on hyvin harvinaisia ja jotkin minulle tuntemattomia.

Dressing the Man by Flusser
Style and the Man by Flusser
Clothes and the Man by Flusser
Men’s Coats by Buzzaccarni
Elegant Man by Villarosa
Scottish Estate Tweeds by Johnston’s of Elgin
Cuff Links by Jonas and Nissenson
Le Snob by Simon Crompton
Bespoke by Anderson
Eminently Suitable by Boyer
Elegance by Boyer
Rebel Style by Boyer
Fred Astaire Style by Boyer
Gary Cooper by Bruce Boyer
Trench by Foulkes
Cigar Style by Foulkes
Last of the Dandies by Foulkes
Shoes by Peacock
Men’s Fashion by Peacock
Men’s Fashion Illustrations from the Turn of the Century by Mitchell
Sicilian Tailors by Sleevehead (e-kirja)
The Executive Look by Levitt
The Blue Book of Men’s Tailoring by Croonborg
Classic Tailoring Techniques by Cabrera
One Hundred Years of Menswear by Blackman
The Boutonniere by Brioni
Cary Grant Style by Torregrossa
The Allure of Men by Baudot
Harris Tweed by Platman
The Savile Row Cutter by Skinner
The Day of the Peacock by Ross
ABCs of Men’s Fashion by Amies
The Englishman’s Suit by Amies
The Cut of his Coat by Shannon
The London Cut by Sherwood
Bespoke by Sherwood
The Book of Ties by Chaille
The Men’s Fashion Reader, edited by McNeil and Karaminas
History of Mens’ Accessories by Storey
History of Men’s Fashion by Storey
History of Men’s Etiquette by Storey
History of Men’s Fashion by Chenoune
The Provocative Pen of Lucius Beebe
The Fashion Reader, edited by Welters and Lillethun
Handmade Shoes for Men by Molnar&Vass
Sharp Suits by Musgrave
Sotheby’s auction catalog for the Duke of Windsor collections (huutokauppakatalogi, jossa esillä Windsorin herttuan vaatekaappia)
A Family Album by the Duke of Windsor
The Suit by Manton
Hatless Jack by Steinberg
A Guy’s Guide to Style by Roetzel
The Gentleman’s Guide to Timeless Fashion by Roetzel
A Well Dressed Gentleman’s Pocket Guide by Lenius
85 Ways to Tie a Tie by Fink and Mao
The Book of Public School Old Boys, University, Navy, Army, Air Force, Club Ties by Laver
Dandies by Laver
Esquire’s Encyclopedia of 20th Century Men’s Fashion by Schoeffler and Gale
Men in Style by Hochswender and Gross
Today There are No Gentlemen by Cohn
Boots and Shoes by FY Golding
Apparel Arts -lehdet
Take Ivy by Hayashida
Textbook on Footwear Manufacture by Thorton
The Inventors of Tradition by Lipscombe and McKenzie
Churchhill Style by Singer
Ivy Style by Boyer and Chensvold (työn alla)
The Empire of Fashion by Lipovetsky
Fashion and its Social Agendas by Crane
The Culture of Clothing by Roches

Listasta todennäköisesti uupuu kirja tai pari. Täydennän sitä mielelläni, mikäli lukija löytää puutteita.


  1. Elventhor says:

    Listan lähde kiinnostaa.

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