The clothes and style of Pep Guardiola


November 22, 2018 by Ville Raivio

Pep Guardiola, the current manager of Manchester City, has become a sort of a style influencer for the football crowd. Most often seen in dark, slim and tonal outfits of black and grey or blue, Guardiola occasionally comes up with some strong colours in bright knit pieces. This form-fitting clothing favours an athletic build, though his choice may just be down to preference. A favourite mixture seems to be dark, smart trousers with a V-neck jumper and a knee-length coat made from a technical cloth.

Fabric-wise, Guardiola is rarely seen in strong patterns like plaids or stripes, even small-scale ones. Balder men often sport headwear to protect or cover the pate, but this sportsman avoids them. Instead we have extra large scarves that cover and protect the neck. While most dapper managers favour collared shirts, P.G. is also friendly with high-collared polo knits. His sportswear, likely from sponsors, comes with large logos but his tailored pieces lack them.

While tending to Bayern Münich, the manager had enough pep to wear traditional tracht clothing in celebration of Oktoberfest. Guardiola’s leather trouser look has been making the click rounds online ever since. Thus, I cannot fault him for lack of brazenness in clothing. Apart from laced smart shoes, he usually goes for low retro style sneakers. His neckwear is usually slim and knitwear thin. Pep’s favourite sportswear maker was formerly Stone Island, with its eponymous and large-scale logo, but these days he is mostly wearing Dsquared² because the company has a sponsorship deal with his team. Apart from this sponsorship, there is scarce info to be found about the companies that supply Guardiola’s style.

One influece, however, has flown mostly under the radar. He has been much influenced by his companion of 27 years, Cristina Serra. The coach first met his match and wife in her family’s clothing store Serra Claret and likely the Serras have adviced the manager to continue dressing for the part. More than likely they have supplied him as well. His newest move is a uniform for the players and team, very similar to what the manager himself has been wearing. Now the team represents in black, slim trousers and white sneakers along with a black-grey track jacket plus a grey jumper.  Whether this move merits any psychological benefits is yet to be seen. To make a bet on the success of his mentoring style, have a look at the odds that Unibet is offering.

Finally, to see the full range of Pep Guardiola’s style, it’s useful to head over to Getty as they have over 20 000 images of the Spaniard who’s known for his style both on and off the field.


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