The Arbuturian with Timothy Everest


July 26, 2014 by Ville Raivio

Ash J. Lipkin, whose name might as well be a character in one Dickens novel, met Timothy Everest a few years back. The interview in the pages of The Arbuturian is extensive, and covers the story of Mr E.’s business, the British “New Bespoke Movement” of the ’90s and the latest company arrowhead of bespoke casual wear.

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  1. Burt says:

    The problem with Timothy Everest is precisely that the house is focussing on branding, i.e. on relationships with big retailers. That is their core business, not bespoke. Yes, you are welcomed as a guest of the house and they do take their time for you, but in the end you feel they have bigger things going on next to that. Also, you get more on Savile Row than in Elder Street. That is what I have experienced. The attention to detail there is just one level higher than in Elder Street. For me this interview reads too much as a loud succes story, as a business concept. I also think both the “new bespoke” and “casual bespoke” have had their best days.

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