In praise of Berg&Berg


July 27, 2014 by Ville Raivio

The attentive reader will notice that Keikari flies the banner of Berg&Berg. I still wish to remind him that I was interested in the company long before it decided to join virtual hands with me. A quick search on these pages of mine will also show that I’ve only written two posts of B&B, and this here is the other. Advertisers have very little say on Keikari’s content and my praise is not for sale. Today I want to sing Berg’s praises gratis. How do I love B&B? Let me count the ways.

First, the designs. I’m sure there are thousands of men’s accessory webstores and very few of them own their manufacturing factories or small-scale ateliers. To set a company apart from the rest, it must offer either price-quality deals, excellent selection, unique designs or a “brand” concept. You will notice the quote signs as I loathe that word, which substitutes actual clothing with concepts, mental images, anything but very good clothes. Berg&Berg’s designs are mostly interesting, different, contemporary. They remind me of Drake’s without the high prices.

Second, the colour range. B&B offers a great selection of colourful accessories in many forms. Socks, ties, scarfs, bowties, leathery charms are not limited to blues, blacks, greys or browns only, which have their uses but become dull as time goes by. Patterns, too, offer excellent options for combining apparel in a surprising, inventinve, interesting way.

Third, the prices and manufacturers. While Berg&Berg owns no factories or shops, they have selected careful makers and offer clothes for good prices. Knitwear from Johnston’s would usually retail for much higher prices but J. for B&B is another thing entirely. Bresciani guarantees socks of interest. Most ties cost less than 100 euros and bi-annual sales offer great percentages off. Stock clearances are better still.

Fourth, the look. B&B has been awarded in Norway for their webstore and visual look, comprising packaging, invoices, stickers, tags, the whole deal. It’s clear, minimal and instantly sets them apart.

Fifth, I actually find myself waiting for Berg&Berg’s latest Summer/Spring or Autumn/Winter collections. Not that I’d take of each accessory, but I’m always waiting to see what Karin and Mathias have come up with. It’s not collections as fashion but style. A few examples of things that I’ve stored in my mind or wardrobe: slim cashmere-merino high shawl collar knitwear, coarse purple silk grenadine ties, marled or wavy or combed or zibellino-fur-like cashmere scarfs in all the colours of the rainbow, suede brogue-punched leather belts and socks with pattern and colour combinations that would make the late Duke of Windsor proud.


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