Rubinacci Pochettes


February 17, 2013 by Ville Raivio

I’ve seen and handled more handkerchiefs than is necessary for any man. Aside from the most common printed silkens and wisp-thin linens, the hank is a wonderful platform for endless creations. French fashion houses have taken silks closer to wearable art while the men’s hanky has remained austere in its mostly white guise. I’m sure any white piece is smart and in order for most uses, but the handkerchief could be much more. Leave it to Italians to come up with the answer. The Neapolitan tailoring house Rubinacci has elevated silken prints with a wide array of pictures from its native culture and folklore.

The current selection offers 35 intricate images in several main colours. The end result is my favourite collection. When folded, the hanks have enough bulk to hold their shape and not fall victim to a common problem, drowning inside the breast pocket. The large images offer plenty of choice for selecting different parts for different occasions, and if the thought of folding and hiding seems unpleasant, the pochettes can also be framed. Rubinacci has decorated its stores with framed hanks instead of conventional paintings. After all, Naples calls for something different. While the maker has a premium for its designs, fine deals can be found on retail sites. Exquisite Trimmings has a few prints on sale.


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