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February 19, 2014 by Ville Raivio

Nikolaus Tuczek was a renowned shoemaker whose name pops up occasionally on menswear sites and forum discussions. Despite his masterful skill and chiseled lasts, Tuczek’s legacy is known by far too few. This cordwainer to the privileged was born to a family of Austro-Hungarian immigrants and amassed his knowledge in London, serving its finest legs for several decades. His firm’s history is sadly not as documented as the likes of Lobb Ltd. and I’ve seen scarce contemporary pictures of the firm’s display windows or pairs. Active menswear enthusiasts certainly know GJC and G&G, but fewer know that both makers have drawn from the fountainhead that was Tuczek. His name has escaped most rakes, now’s the time to change that.




G.J. Cleverley worked under Tuczek’s watchful eye for 38 years before opening his own firm in London. What’s more, Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling both spent nearly a decade at Cleverley’s before launching the latest English shoe factory, Gaziano&Girling. I believe both Cleverley and G&G best represent the ethos that was born from Tuczek’s hands: sleek, contoured, close-fitting, chiselled and slender footwear. Somewhat effeminate but always proper. More than anything Tuczezk had a masterful sense of proportion. The late master made the most wonderful chiseled toes and lasts closer to wooden sculptures than mere tools of the trade. Sole stitching was dense, welts trimmed close, a ram’s head brogue medallion was common. Leather soles had contoured waists and understated finishing, shoe trees were hollowed and close-fitting — all characteristics that G&G and GJC share today, with the exception of the former’s aggressive waist shaping and eccentric designs. Tuzcek was open for some of the more whimsical wishes, too. The elastic alligator shoes with a brogue medallion on the instep, pictured at the bottom of this post, is proof of this.



In his column for Cigar Aficionado’s Winter 1994/1995 issue, G. Bruce Boyer recounts the following story with John Hlustik, who bought and revived the Edward Green factory in 1982:

“Just the other week a gentleman came into the shop for some new shoes. He was wearing a pair made by Tuczek in the early 1940s. They were so marvellous, I asked him if he would sell them to me…offered him $3,500. He refused, and I can’t say I blame him. After 50 years, they had an absolutely vintage classicism about them.”

Back in the 80’s, $3500 had quite a bit more purchasing power than today. This comes to show how wanted and rare Tuczek pairs had become by then, even more so today among collectors and cordwainers who keep a small museum. I have searched for pairs on eBay every once in a while, and most items sell for closer to $1000. As the firm is defunct, no new pairs can be made. I feel the pairs still intact should be displayed in shoe museums or as part of collections, certainly not worn.







For dating vintage pairs, Nikolaus Tuczek has worked in these premises:

24 Arthur Street, Oxford Street, 1853-1855

24 High Street, St Giles’s, 1856-1861

109 New Bond Street, 1862-1886

39 Old Bond Street, 1887-1903

15B Clifford Street, 1904-1937

17 Clifford Street, 1938-1966

21 Jermyn Street, 1966-1969

Around 1970 the firm was taken over by Lobb Ltd., who have honoured the late master by naming a current sample model after him. The side-laced pair is called Elastic Sided with Plain Tuczek Style Elastic – (SS597). Apart from the strong chisel toe, Tuckzek’s firm is rememberd for its eccentric elastic shoe model. This model allows the shoes to be taken off and put on faster than laced pairs, while still retaining proper support and comfort. Although a rare sight today, the model is most common in Japan, where shoes are removed for house visits and the elastic detail is helpful. A current online search with Tuczek’s name comes up with many discussions about the late firm, implying that, although the man may be gone, he is somewhat remembered and his influence lives on. As is good and proper.

If the reader owns a pair of Tuzceks, I urge him to contact me and send along some pictures. The pairs still intact should be seen.

Nikolaus_Tuczek48 Nikolaus_Tuczek47 Nikolaus_Tuczek46c Nikolaus_Tuczek46 Nikolaus_Tuczek41 Nikolaus_Tuczek40 Nikolaus_Tuczek39b Nikolaus_Tuczek39 Nikolaus_Tuczek38 Nikolaus_Tuczek37 Nikolaus_Tuczek36 Nikolaus_Tuczek35 Nikolaus_Tuczek34d Nikolaus_Tuczek34c Nikolaus_Tuczek34b Nikolaus_Tuczek34 Nikolaus_Tuczek33 Nikolaus_Tuczek32e Nikolaus_Tuczek32d Nikolaus_Tuczek32c Nikolaus_Tuczek32b Nikolaus_Tuczek32 Nikolaus_Tuczek31 Nikolaus_Tuczek30 Nikolaus_Tuczek29 Nikolaus_Tuczek28 Nikolaus_Tuczek27 Nikolaus_Tuczek26 Nikolaus_Tuczek25 Nikolaus_Tuczek24 Nikolaus_Tuczek23 Nikolaus_Tuczek22 Nikolaus_Tuczek17 Nikolaus_Tuczek16 Nikolaus_Tuczek15 Nikolaus_Tuczek14 Nikolaus_Tuczek13 Nikolaus_Tuczek12

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  1. Kerry says:


    I have a lovely pair of cherry red N. Tuczek brogues I am interested in selling. They are stamped 21 Jermyn Street and are a size 6. I can provide photographs if you are interested [email protected]

  2. […] skill and Ethos of Tuczek was featured on Keikari around a year ago, and last month I updated the old article with new photos and some […]

  3. Ville Raivio says:

    Many thanks, emptym.

    I did my best to find the lore that’s available, but much more could be gauged from a visit to Cleverley’s, G&G’s or Aubercy’s. Xavier has a small private museum with pairs from the old masters.

  4. emptym says:

    Wonderful post, V. Thank you for it.

  5. I am actively buying Tuczek and other important vintage shoes for my website and for inclusion in a monograph now in preparation. Regards to all, S. Minasian

  6. classic-shoes says:

    I have a pair of Nikolaus Tuczek shoes in good vintage condition. I have pics and am looking to sell. They are 9.5 email me at [email protected]

  7. Guillaume says:

    Dear Janet,

    I AM buying any Tuczek or bespoke shoe in 10/11 size.
    Please let me know : [email protected]
    Best regards,

  8. Ville Raivio says:

    Greetings from Finland!

    I have now sent you an email.

  9. Janeth Holguin says:

    Hello! I have a pair of N. Tuczek LTD 17 CLIFFORD ST BOND ST LONDON.W shoes. They are in very good condition, except the left shoe has four small holes on the cloth. I would love to send you some pictures. I am trying to sell them. I believe they have the initials of the owner. I am trying to find out how much they are worth. I would really appreciate your help! Thank you! :)

    From California, United States.

  10. Ville Raivio says:

    Greetings from Finland!

    Tuczeks, in pristine condition, are certainly rare. The maker’s pairs have specific value mostly for male collectors, I’m afraid, as Tuczek is not a well-known ladies’ cordwainer. Then again, British museums know vintage pairs much better than I do. Please contact the Northampton Shoe Museum for evalutions and datings. The pair really ought to belong to a collection rather than see use and wear.

  11. Duncan Spencer says:

    Sir: I have a pair of Tuczek ladies walking shoes in near perfect condition from 1928…Will send inside, outside picture if interested. These were ordered by my mother, Josephine Choate Perkins in ’28-’29 and from their condition were hardly ever worn. They were left to me on her death in 1953 and I took no notice of them until my daughter spotted them in my attic. They are about size 5 women’s. I have no use for these beautiful things and would like to sell them if possible. Best, Duncan (Choate) Spencer.

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