Adolphe Menjou’s style wisdom


February 18, 2014 by Ville Raivio

“My father was something of a dude and he tought me to dress to the limit of my pocketbook. He liked to point out that no man could help the shape of his profile, but that the cut of his trousers and the fit of his coat were something he himself could control, and that often others judged him entirely by his appearance. In the acting business this is especially true. Even when an actor is broke, hungry, and out of a job, he must put on a bold front. When he goes in search of a job, he must trim his frayed cuffs with an old razor blade, carefully press his best suit and shine his own shoes in order to appear prosperous.”

~ Adolphe Menjou in his polished biography It Took Nine Tailors


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Only a beautiful life is worth living.

"If John Bull turns around to look at you, you are not well dressed; but either too stiff, too tight, or too fashionable".
~ Beau Brummell