Interview With Salvatore Ambrosi


February 25, 2013 by Ville Raivio

” [I’m] 30 yrs old, Trouser Sarto. I begin to work as Sarto in my age 12. I had no choice. I was born with it. I did not have time to go to school, after I begin to work. I decide my career faster than other people. I have 2 daughters and a wife who give me a lot of inspiration. They taught me how to live with elegance.

Ambrosi is 4th generation trouser maker. I learned how to make trouser from my father and he learned it from my grand father. I was born with men’s classic wear. When I was a kid, I liked to wear as normal kids. But my father made me a lot of classic trouser, thus I simply turn in to the classic world. I gathered all the ispiration from people. I travel a lot. I stay in Napoli only 3 weeks in a month and rest of days I stay in other cities of Europe, Asia, and U.S. That means I meet many people who are great. The cloth doesn’t make people to be elegance, it only express who they are. Elegance is inside of person.

[My style is] Modern Classic. Ambrosi pants goes on. We learned the special skills from generation to generation. And my mission is handed out to next generation. Our pants is the most comfortable pants with great style and fit. We have the specialty of trouser over the generations. Many tailors make jacket and trouser, that’s why they do not think much times on trouser, but we do. And my father is still working, so he has that tradition and I try to catch what today’s world wants.

[My design philosophy is] nature. After the media coverage, many great men’s store propose me to do su misura event at their store. Now I work with Villa del Corea which is in Seoul Korea and Tie Your Tie which is in Japan. I am still on the fence to choose couple of others, but the most important fact is the philosophy of the owner. They must appreciate sartorial. That all I want. [My hobbies are] sailing, travel and play with my girls. [My tips]: read a lot of books. The photo doesn’t tell you much.”


Pictures: © Ambrosi

~ Originally published in Finnish on the 23rd of February 2012


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