Cary Grant’s Button-down Shirts with French Cuffs


October 6, 2013 by Ville Raivio

Yes, the legends are true: Cary Grant, that style icon, Hollywood favourite, transatlantic enunciator and second Greatest Male Star of All Time wore button-down shirts with French cuffs (at least a few times on camera). The Rules are clear in that this act was categorically wrong. Button-down shirts were originally sportswear and among the softest of collars, while French cuffs are stiffies best reserved for the loftiest of occasions and venues. Grant’s shirts, then, are menswear bastards — and yet, there they are. He chose them, he wore them, he didn’t give a damn. All this goes to show that The Rules can be broken with no great harm for the reputation of style icons. The end result is very much like licking one’s elbow: it can be done, perhaps with the help of natural talent and a few dislocated joints, but likely not worth the trouble.




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