Josh Sims


February 2, 2013 by Ville Raivio

‎”While the women’s wardrobe has its classics – lasting styles often reinterpreted and frequently updated – there are arguably more of these in the men’s wardrobe. In part this is because womenswear is more a product of fashion, which can be defined as frequent change for its own sake. Menswear, on the other hand, is also a product of fashion but this tends to be apparent only in the details, in a ponderous, evolutionary advancement rather than in sweeping statements. Men’s styles are variations on a recognizable, well known theme, rather than a new score altogether.”

~ Josh Sims


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Vain kaunis elämä on elämisen arvoinen.

"If John Bull turns around to look at you, you are not well dressed; but either too stiff, too tight, or too fashionable."
~ Beau Brummell



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