Well Suited for the White House: Kennedy style


March 25, 2014 by Ville Raivio

LIFE magazine’s October 13 issue from 1961 included a fascinating analysis on the sprezzidential style of John F. Kennedy and brother Robert. John L. Steele pokes a bit of fun at a few former presidents and their odd clothes choices like capes, floppy fedoras and Key West shirts before touting those infamous Kennedys. In true Brummellian spirit, JFK had the habit of chiding aides for poor style choices, but when it came to the man himself, Kennedy was above etiquette. The same dictum was practiced to some degree by brother Robert, and both Kennedys arrived in, say, white dinner jacket affairs in all-black. The piece also goes through JFK’s wardrobe; fabrics, colours, preferred cut and choice of tailor.



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