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  1. Austerity oxfords from Rozsnyai Shoes


    April 18, 2014 by Ville Raivio

    This latest post in a series on the fineries of Austro-Hungarian shoemaking picks off where the last Budapester post concluded. …
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  2. Anatomy of Paularun gloves


    February 18, 2014 by Ville Raivio

    Europe has a grand share of talented glove makers with the usual quality suspects in England, Germany and Italy. Established …
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  3. Rozsnyai Shoes for Keikari


    June 23, 2013 by Ville Raivio

    A few months ago I placed a MTM order for the Hungarian firm of Rozsnyai. Below are some previews of …
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  4. Blanklabel Shirt Review


    March 9, 2013 by Ville Raivio

    Founded in 2009, Blanklabel offers custom shirts made in China. All orders are cut, stitched and pressed by hand, leaving …
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  5. Shirt Odyssey: What I’ve Learned


    February 27, 2013 by Ville Raivio

    After having ordered, received and reviewed made to measure shirts from around a dozen online makers, I feel a small …
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  6. MTM Shirt Odyssey


    February 25, 2013 by Ville Raivio

    Back in October I set upon a voyage. Frustrated and bored with readymade shirts cut like sails crafted from gossamer, …
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"If John Bull turns around to look at you, you are not well dressed; but either too stiff, too tight, or too fashionable".
~ Beau Brummell