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0 is Finland’s most popular website devoted to men’s classic clothing. The site’s most active readers make up the nucleus of Keikari’s forum, which in turn is Finland’s sole forum on tailored menswear with a key position in defining smart taste with regards to classic style in this country. Keikari was founded on the 21st of September 2008; after having reached all the goals I set up for myself four years ago, I decided to head for open seas with an international version. Some of the site’s content is unique and I felt a larger audience might benefit from translations. Menswear should be a journey of learning, helping and sharing, not an entrenchment of worshipping ashes and strict rules. Still, Keikari’s main interest lies in the lore, culture, semantics, history and make of fine apparel. Fads are nothing, lore is all.

As with all attempts on translation, some parts will be lost and some words will be chosen with due undiligence. I urge the reader to contact and comment freely so that I might rethink and revise. I’m also open to suggestions for future posts. I am not a tailor, cordwainer, haberdasher or maker by trade, but a journalist. As such, I only have my passion and my pen. Both are innocent.

As for the name, keikari means ‘fop’ in Finnish. Unlike the English word oft-used as an insult, the Finnish word is playful and carries a much milder charge. Hän on vain vähän sellainen keikari — he’s just a bit of a fop.

* * *

I have added the following testimonials from Finnish and take full responsibility for all nuances lost in translation.

* * *

“Keikari’s blog is the most comprehensive style blog in Finland. A blog dedicated to style, quality and fine dressing. Ville Raivio’s Keikari, like all success stories, has the same character that makes it more interesting than others. It is made with love.”

~ Arman Alizad and Sonja Raassina, master tailors of PukuStudio

* * *

”Ville Raivio belongs to the small group of people I have met, who bite into matters pertaining to dress, both in questions of style and quality, with professionalism one does not expect to meet outside the traditional sanctuaries of our business. Personal interest and expertise are clearly seen in his work at each step.”

~ Erken Fere, Chairman of the Board of menswear store Fere, CEO of Left Shoe Company

* * *

“Ville’s site upholds awareness of stylish dress and timeless elegance in a unique way. A joy it’s been to follow how the site has united like-minded people.”

~ Tuomo Pynttäri, tailor and co-owner of tailoring store Sauma

* * *

“If a man wants to dress with personality, then this can be done by anyone — I’m afraid. If one wants to look stylish, right down to accessories and all, I think he should first get to know the site The clients who’ve found into Nippanappa through Keikari’s pages have been exceptionally quality-and style-savvy. We have even adjusted our selection in gloves, belts and even laptop bags and-briefcases through the influence of this customer group.”

~ Jussi Neirtamo, leather craftsman and co-owner of Nippanappa

* * *

“In whose posse will you travel? By the side of conspicuousness or superficial fashion changing faster than a quarter there’s a third road: the seeking of authentic, natural and time-tested style. Able travel guides on this road are never many: this is why it’s good to follow Ville.”

~ Petri Korhonen, Editor of Taloussanomat business magazine

* * *

”The Keikari site created by Ville is the broadest Finnish classic men’s fashion ‘compendium’ I know of. Ville has gathered in one place all essential on classic dressing and in his page presents a mighty amount of interesting quality brands and products. Ville writes his texts accurately, correctly and in an interesting way — this is why the Keikari site absorbs its reader into a world that one just won’t let go of.”

~ Sami Eklund, former CEO of Fere


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