Suitsupply and a new customised service


August 2, 2019 by Ville Raivio

The Dutch price-quality miracle Suitsupply has recently launched a new version of its customised service. The SS-webstore previously had the option for having clothes made if the right size and suitable cloth were known. These days, the service has sped up from some 4+ weeks into 2-3 weeks and offers more variables. Now the customer may choose his lining from a larger pool, buttons as well, and their cloth selection has been expanded. Most of the fabrics are toned-down workhorses in the shades of blue and gray, for these have the most demand, but for spring and summer happenings there are also light shades in sand and brown, and green. The biggest advantage from this customisation service is, of course, for the established customer who already knows his size and the cut that pleases. The others had best pop in a store to try on various pieces so that the advantage will pile up. A visit is also helpful if one wants to see the web service’s cloths in own hands.

I think the most helpful bit in this new customisation program is the option for separate sizes. The jacket may be good in a particular cut, for example, but the trousers really ought to be looser so that they can be worn on the waist instead of the hips. Or maybe one’s legs are long but the back short, so that a jacket with the short cut with longer trousers is better. The most affordable pieces in this program start at 400 euros, depending on the cloth. Apart from these, there are options for collar shirts, trousers, odd jackets, waistcoats, dinner suits. I would gladly see a similar service in the webstores of other makers as well, for each body is an individual and each customer an individual. Who has things made, gets what he wants. Oddly enough, Suitsupply also offers free returns for customised clothes. For the edification of Keikari’s readers, the company is offering me a free test drive with the service, and I can tell more about it within the coming weeks.


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