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July 4, 2014 by Ville Raivio

Julien Scavini is a French tailor who practised architecture in his previous life before picking up the trade of the cloth. His excellent blog, Stiff Collar, was born in September 2009 during his time as a journeyman apprentice tailor. The site is in French and much will be lost in translation if the reader has no grasp of the language, but I’d like to highlight a few intriguing points that will make any reader’s visit worth the while. Scavini has shared around 500 Apparel Arts, Esquire and Herrenmagazin scans collected from various sources, and though one link to a large zip-file is not working, the other is fine and dandy indeed.

He has also illustrated the many ways to cut lapels, highlighting the small differences between French tailors or more or less repute. Stiff Collar aims to explain the rules behind the ways classic clothing is crafted, worn and used, and the writer’s exclusive illustrations alone are worth a look. Scavini might just be the only French tailor who has shared his learning extensively with the rest of the Internet. The archives go back five years worth of interesting points and highlights.


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