March 27, 2013 by Ville Raivio

Scott-Nichol has made British leisure socks for over 70 years in Leicestershire. On 2007, the maker was purchased by Pantherella. Both factories, in turn, are owned by HJ Hall. The current grade is upheld with rare Bentley Komet knitting machines, all pairs come with hand-linked toes. S-N is well-known for its large range colourful, thick, warm, durable and patterned socks. Houndstooths, snowflakes, birdseyes and argyles are usually large-scale. Materials range from cotton, Shetland wool, alpaca and merino to mixes. Synthetics are used in small quantities to guarantee durability. Scott-Nichol’s alpaca socks are so far the warmest pairs I’ve tried. Highly recommended.


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