Rozsnyai Shoes for Keikari


June 23, 2013 by Ville Raivio

A few months ago I placed a MTM order for the Hungarian firm of Rozsnyai. Below are some previews of my Budapester pair in the making, presentation and end result to be added soon.


-Fully handmade by healthy Hungarian hands
-Mid-brown buffalo leather
-Budapest last
-Half-brogue model instead of derby
-Dark purple lining
-Natural welt
-White goyser stitching
-Vibram Eton rubber sole

Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville16 Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville15 Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville14 Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville13 Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville12 Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville11 Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville10 Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville09 Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville08 Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville07 Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville06 Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville05 Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville04 Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville03 Rozsnyai_MTM_shoes_for_Ville02


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  2. Domenico says:

    hi, I am writing to congratulate you for the work you do, good, because I’m too craftsman but do not know how you call the tool that you used to make the tip against the shoe, kindly can you tell me what it’s called and where can I buy it? send me your picture so ‘understand better what I mean.

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