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March 23, 2015 by Ville Raivio

D.R. Harris is a very English chemist and perfumery that has served the discerning St. James and Mayfair clientele in London since 1790. The company is London’s oldest pharmacy and still family-owned. While one of the founding fathers was a  doctor and a surgeon, the letters refer to Daniel Rotely Harris, who developed hygiene goods for the company. Their range of scents and goods is unique, all are made in-house or sourced from the UK, and the company has but two retail stores. All hand and beard soaps are triple-milled for proper froth and lasting value. Shaving soaps contain plenty of tallow, and creams have plenty of glycerin, for glide and softness. The soaps come in round, low, wooden containers but, unlike the wording would have you believe, the “mahogany” jar is only mahogany-effect wood. A sticker below informs so. For what it’s worth, Harris has wielded a Royal Warrant from the past Queen Mother since 1938, from the Prince of Wales since 2002, and from Queen Elizabeth since 2012.


DRH has also become my favourite hygiene goods company. Brand me a romantic, but I do love the idea of a traditional Victorian shoppe filled with dark wood panels, thoroughly well-made soaps and scents, as well as beautiful little glass jars filled with pleasing scents. While the prices could be lower, Harris is among the smaller British hygiene makers, only have two stores, and provide the scents others have missed. I will, however, suggest the reader to avoid DRH’s colognes as they are so mild that the scent only lasts a few minutes on the skin.

The main scent lineup:

– Arlington, citrusy and ferny

– Windsor, spicy and peppered with vetiver as well

– Almond

– Ginger&lemon

– Lemon&vetiver

– Eucalyptus, very Australian

– Lavender

– Marlborough, undergrowth and woods

– Rose


These are flanked by several cologne, aftershave, shampoo, and EdT fragrances not used in other goods. The company also sells self-branded toilet goods like towels, cups, toothpaste, and retails shaving apparatuses from Dovo, Kent, Merkur, and such. Finally, Harris provides dispensing and medicine for all and sundry. Their webstore reaches those not fortunate enough to pop in to experience the century-old wood cabinets and family furniture.



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