Gentlemen of Style: Men’s Fashion Illustrations in the US in the Thirties


April 2, 2013 by Ville Raivio

I have been ogling my copy for the past few days, and have nothing but praise for this virtual style book. It really should come with a price, and yet GG offers it for no charge to their email subscribers.

“Over the past weeks, we have published fewer articles because we were working on our very first eBook – Gentlemen of Style. This book focuses on men’s clothing in the US in the 1930′s as worn by elegant Gentleman using Apparel Arts Fashion Illustrations from FellowsSaalburg, Oxner, Hurd etc.

The goal of this book was to show the degree of elegance in men’s clothing at the time, and to point out things that you may improve in your very own outfits. Overall, I discussed more than 30 fashion illustrations from the early 1930′s Apparel Arts magazines, most of which have never appeared online anywhere.

Moreover, these illustrations are large unlike the tiny pics you usually see. In combination with the commentary, it is more details than the book Men in Style and features considerably more information about the golden age of menswear  the 1930′s.

Best of all, instead of spending $200 – 600 on Men in Style, my book will be available exclusively to subscribers to the Gentleman’s Gazette Newsletter for a limited time for free. All you have to do to claim your copy is to sign up here – enjoy the read!”


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