Forthediscerningfew’s interview with Yukio Akamine


February 7, 2020 by Ville Raivio

February 2012 was marked by FTDF’s Pierre-Antoine Levy and Virgile Mercier meeting with the Humphrey Bogart of Japan, Yukio Akamine. In his thorough interview, Akamine shares his journey into a life spent in style, contemplates the classics, and decrees how the Japanese culture has fused with Western dress. Well worth a look or two.

Sadly, Forthediscerningfew has closed down. For occasions like this, we luckily have The Internet Archive and its wonderful Wayback Machine which has saved a copy of the site in the state it was in eight years ago. The interview in English can be read in full.

Says Akamine:

“With beautiful things, it is all about learning to wait, being patient. People today, they don’t want to give it time. But it is like love, it is like a relationship, it is like learning, like all the things we admire, it takes time. Anything that happens in the snap of a finger isn’t good.”


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