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July 20, 2013 by Ville Raivio

In 2006, the online world of menswear forums was penetrated in ink. Christian Chensvold penned an article about the mostly well-off men spending time on style forums, like AAAC, Filmnoirbuff, The London Lounge and Styleforum, and spending copious amounts on clothing and accessories. Marc Grayson, Jan Libourel, Jeremy Jackson, Andy Gilchrist, Michael Anton and good old Fok have their say as well. Every forum addict would do well to read the article.

Not all spouses are understanding and approving of the passion. As one interviewee says of his better half, “She regards it as highly eccentric and time-wasting…I say, ‘It’s not as if I’m on some porn site,’ and she says, ‘That would be normal.’”


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  1. Des Esseintes says:

    Chensvold has done a lot of good things for men’s dress culture, in particular, the so called “Ivy” style. His recent involvement in and the role he chose to play in the rather sad “WASP 101-gate affair” was rather unpleasant though and has very much discredited him in my eyes.

    Interesting old article, nevertheless.


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