Caring For Brogue Shoes


February 22, 2013 by Ville Raivio

Any great brogue pair is a wonder and a pain. Pleasant for the feet, joy for the eyes — and yet, a troublesome pain to clean. After applying cream or polish, the said gunk will inevitably get stuck in the many little holes on the pair. An oft-repeated tip is to choose a toothpick for cleaning brogue perforations and medallions, but each passing year these picks will mount up and end up wasted. What I propose instead is a thick steel needle. This helpful tool will clean and reach even the smallest of holes, but remain in service for as long as its kept in proper place.


As a small example of the work a thorough cleaning can make is a pair of vintage Florsheims. The right shoe’s perforations are full of cream, the left one has been picked clean. The tiniest of minutiae can make a world of difference.


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