Anatomy of Scavini’s Trousers


January 8, 2018 by Ville Raivio

Scavini’s Trousers (or Pantalons Scavini) carries the name of its creator who, after repeated requests from his clients, “decided to develop a prêt-à-porter brand that would combine the savoir-faire of a tailor, excellence in fabric and a fair price.” His story can be read in Keikari’s interview series, this post has a look at some sample trousers the company sent over from Paris.


First, there is the scent. The trousers are packed inside one of those rattling wrapping papers, but this is a first for me when garments arrive with a scent as well. Mr Sagodira, who works at Scavini, tells me that the eau de something is sprayed on the wrapper to enhance the customer experience. The scent does disappear in time, but people with asthma or chemical sensitivities should take note. The trousers are part of Scavini’s S3- or single pleat series that are also cut wider as well as higher than others. Based on measurements, all cuts are definitely slim. What separates the garments from most are their materials. These, for example, are made from heavy 395-gram cotton woven by England’s cotton specialists, Bribane Moss. All trousers feature tags from the fabric mills to set them apart from unnamed, generic cloths. The cloth does feel stiff and heavy, which is my liking, and the drape is straight – hopefully with no baggy knees in the future. All trousers are made in Macedonia from European fabrics.


After the cloth and scent, some details. The buttons seem like genuine horn but their attachment is poor, already a few are about to come loose. The trousers have many loose threads all around. Side adjustors are some dark grey metal and hold their grip well, the back pocket is nice and tight, the waisband is higher than most. The model also features a split waistband along with white plastic suspender buttons inside. The pockets and lining feel smooth and nice, close to a shirt fabric in look. A bit under the waist the lining features a red-white candy stripe for accent. The pair has the wrong material tag, listing it as wool instead of cotton. As for the cut, it is best for a slim man who likes a form-fitting look. The trousers are unfinished by default, with very generous length, likely enough for men over two metres tall.


As a whole, I feel that Scavini’s Trousers offers what it intends – a great cloth, some choice details not too common with off-the-peg trousers, and a price that’s less than made-to-measure. In time, when the finishing is improved, these will serve the man who wants something a little different well.




  1. Ville Raivio says:


    These photos were taken after use. Cotton creases, and stays creased, in ways that wool does not.

  2. Reader says:

    Couldn’t you have pressed them, or did they arrive that way?

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