Wide Stripe Suits


July 17, 2013 by Ville Raivio

This somewhat older portrait, perhaps from his pre-coke days, of Lapo Elkann is my favourite and drives my old point in. I dislike stripes in general and thin pinstripes in particular. Most small stripes are plain busy and even more so in contrast colours. What I do like are boating blazers, chalk stripes, and thick stripes set wide apart as exemplified by the suit below. Lapo’s set sports slightly extended shoulders with a stern shoulder line, dropped gorge with low, somewhat wider peak lapels, two buttons, and turnups. Not too tight, not too loose, with decidly thick stripes set apart.

Consider the wider stripe.


Picture: © original uploader


  1. Ville Raivio says:

    Greetings, Tedd.

    That’s a very good question — so good, in fact, that I have no answer. These fabrics are not common in the RTW industry, so your safest route would be the made to measure one. British mills and fabric merchants have great webstores for us to peruse and search.

  2. Tedd Kitzmiller says:

    Where can I purchase wide blue stripe suit? Thank you

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