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September 10, 2013 by Ville Raivio

The smart reader must have already seen Keikari’s list of online friends on the right side of the site. For casual clickers I am sharing all of them them and more again. The Internet provides an endless heap of style sites, but I find myself returning to around a dozen or so for inspiration and quality content. Casual glances I have in many directions, but time is limited and I try to keep out of the never-ending re-posting that undulates on Tumblr.


~ the most inspiring style site online; the one that lead me to dandyism, French essays, Regency London and Beau Brummell



~ the most classically stylish man on the Internet; never too stiff, too tight or too fashionable



~ a fine journey inside the world of British style; with the basics already covered, Simon Crompton delves deep into mills, tailors, cordwainers and such



~ a valuable collection of style videos, primers and ephemera for the man who wants to learn



~ one Ivy site to rule them all



~ Justin’s journey into artisanal and industrial shoemaking; many shoe secrets uncovered



~ an online photo exhibition for the finest style photos



~ the chap who proves that Finnish men do have style



~ my personal favourite; a unique collection of history, semantics, pictures, evolution, fabrics, interviews — the whole deal



~ passion for footwear and a vast collection of photos and interviews from Romania



~ the finest vintage shoe collection in the Internet; updated far too sparsely



~ a unique collection of vintage ads, stylish photos, ephemera and inspiration



~ stylish garments and smart columns



~ the only style mag worth reading



~ online style university; choose wisely who to read and ignore the rest


  1. Ville Raivio says:

    …it seems that my favourite site has indeed returned from virtual Calais. Perhaps penniless and insane, but free from all stages of nastiness — I hope. I will share the news with Keikari’s readers within a week. Welcome back.

  2. Chenners says:

    Dandyism.net is back!

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~ Beau Brummell