Voxsartoria’s Practical Thoughts On Coherent Combinations For Beginners


July 17, 2014 by Ville Raivio

February 2012 was a very good month. The Internet-famous dresser known as Voxsartoria alias F. Corbera AKA Bill created his Styleforum Magnum Opus Practical Thoughts On Coherent Combinations For Beginners, which offers a fine primer for any man. Using city and country as binary oppositions for coherence in combining clothes and dressing well, the guide offers many exemplary photos from Styleforum’s members and their sets shared on WAYWT. For one reason or another, the guide was later removed from the site but the Internets remembers much, and Practical Thoughts can be read through The Internet Archive’s wonderful service. Clear and practical thoughts are offered — but will you listen?




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