Venetian Shoe Cream Versus Saphir Renovator


May 26, 2013 by Ville Raivio

Some iGents have either too much spare time or too much love for shoes. Either way, creative idleness may yield to occasional spouts of genius. Such is the case with one man who pitted Saphir’s venerable Renovator against Venetian Cream. Here’s hoping ‘Men’s Ex’ will ultimately chime in, sharing the most OCD-friendly results from a similar comparison.

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  1. HighEndShoeGuy says:

    Saphir product names are confusing and it’s easy to order the wrong product. The Beaute du Cuir product line with blue lids (which this item you tested is from) is NOT made with the same ultra-high quality ingredients as their Medalle D’Or line (which comes with black lids and no box) – even though there is a “Renovateur” product in each of the 2 product lines. You basically tested the wrong product. The one you used is not the one that everyone across the globe is raving about.

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