The truth on the origin of the Windsor knot


March 15, 2014 by Ville Raivio

“The so-called ‘Windsor knot’ in the tie was adopted in America at a later date. It was I believe regulation wear for G.I.s during the war, when American college boys adopted it too. But in fact I was in no way responsible for this. The knot to which the Americans gave my name was a double knot in a narrow tie–a ‘Slim Jim’ as it was sometimes called. It is true that I myself have always preferred a large knot, as looking better than a small one, so during the nineteen-twenties I devised, in conclave with Mr. Sandford, a tie always of the broad variety which was reinforced by an extra thickness of material to produce this effect. As far as I know this particular fashion has never been followed in America or elsewhere.”

~ Duke of Windsor in A Family Album


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