The oral history of menswear blogging by David Greenwald


January 22, 2014 by Ville Raivio

Here’s a little sentence I rarely use: the following is a must-read. On December 13, 2011, GQ published an interesting interview with some familiar names and faces among the strange world that is menswear blogging. Prior to year 2000, there might have been a few odd threads on Usenet about men’s clothing but no such thing one could call a blogosphere. Then came, The English Cut, Hypebeast, Askandy’s forum, Styleforum and countless others after 2008. The article is archived on the writer’s home page and offers reminiscences from Michael Williams, Jesse Thorn, Will Boehlke, Michael Bastian, Mordechai Rubinstein, Scott Schuman, Lawrence Schlossman, Josh Peskowitz, Cory Ohlendorf, Derek Guy, F.E. Castleberry, Nick Wooster, Tommy Ton and a few others. If the reader has been part of the virtual posse of menswear, the article will raise memories of the way we lived.



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