The coolest summer shoe leathers


May 15, 2014 by Ville Raivio

We all have anecdotal knowledge of the differences between leathers in the heat of summer, but it’s always nice to quote a study just to be right. The chemistry of leather manufacture by John Arthur shares a handy table on the ventilating properties of typical shoe leathers; water vapour (or nasty foot sweat) permeability and relative porosity being the answers to keeping calm. To make a long study short: the coolest summer leather is suede, followed by buck and a suprise bronze medal winner, sharkskin. Calfskin seems unpleasant when compared to the winners. More pleasant still are white duck, canvas and nylon mesh, but these lack the staying power of leather and cannot be polished to gleams of joy. Patent leather, shell cordovan and kangaroo should be avoided by the coolest of Keikari’s readers. What’s more, rubber is just about the most nasty non-porous summer material available. Leather soles are essential, unlined shoes recommended.

With my thanks to “VegTan” for the study info.;page=root;view=image;size=100;seq=588;num=1092

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  1. Damiance says:

    Very interesting study!
    As to shark leather – this study confirms my personal experience.

    By the way – Horse leather (not cordovan, just side leather) which is not typical shoe leather (rather used on leather jacket) is also very porous and cool.

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