The Best Boxer Briefs on the Market?


July 19, 2013 by Ville Raivio

I’ve been hunting for the elusive, so-called best boxer briefs available since 2005. The past eight years have meant dozens of makers, models and material mixtures, yet only last year I felt the best one might be at my fingertips. I needed one year to see and feel how use and washings might affect the pair before strinking down final verdicts. Looking for the best of anything ultimately leads to a few established factories, underwear being no exception. Zimmerli, Hanro and Schiesser are Makers with capital Ms and vast selections to satiate most needs. The first is certainly the most expensive but their mercerised, loomed cotton leaves my groinage lacking in softness. Hanro is fine but fit far too close with poor elasticity. The victor, after eight years of underwear wanderlust, is Schiesser’s Pima cotton boxer brief model with 90/10 mixture of cotton and elastane.

Its perks and superlatives are many. The waistband stretches comfortably, not too much, never too little; the cut is roomy enough without sacrificing support; the particular Pima cotton is the softest I’ve tried and hasn’t lost its handle; the model has not shrunk or pilled in a year; the seams never rub or drill into skin; the price is definitely right. The foremost point of interest is the elastane. Its elasticity lives up to the fabric’s name, giving plenty of comfort and support while moving or sitting. A three pair pack of this boxer brief model from Schiesser sometimes retails for 30 euros, standing peerless above any of Zimmerli’s or Hanro’s offerings. So far the best boxer briefs on the market — and the same holds true for Schiesser’s Pima Long Johns.


Picture: © Schiesser


  1. Ville Raivio says:


    Thank you. I’ve fixed the text now.

  2. Mark says:

    Those sound great, but the style is actually called “boxer briefs.” For boxers, I recommend Linoto.

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