Rare Shoes for Men


September 21, 2014 by Ville Raivio

Rare Shoes for Men is a German purveyor of rare or rarefied vintage shoes and watches for men. I chanced upon the dealer on eBay.com while searching for some nice spade sole shoes about a year ago, before the man had a web address and presence. His selection is among the finest online and, unlike Classicshoesformen, noblehouse1900 (or Rare Shoes for Men) has no extensive price markups on the less rare pairs in stock. Most of these are American, and the oldest date back to around 1890s, with some vintage leather jackets thrown in the mix. Highly recommended.



  1. Ville Raivio says:

    Heya, Troy.

    I do not run or own that store. You best contact the seller directly through eBay’s private message system.

  2. troy king says:

    I would like to see some of your mens shoes in a size 11. Particularly the dress shoes and boots. How much are the black and white cap toe spectators? Size 10.5?

  3. Smooth shoes my friend

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