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February 22, 2013 by Ville Raivio

Those in the know have no problems identifying the unique style of one L. Fellows. For inspiration and admiration I have collected a small number of menswear illustrations from the pen of this renowned artist. I’ve added publishing years to photo captions when available. If clicking through all these 94 prints is cumbersome, I have uploaded the whole selection in a Winrar file on another site. Pictured below in the black’n’white photo is Fellows himself (upper row, right) in the company of fellow illustrators. Many more Fellows illustrations can be found on The London Lounge forum online, though approving new members sometimes takes a very long time.

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L._Fellows_white_tie L._Fellows_Tennis L._Fellows_summerwear02 L._Fellows_summerwear L._Fellows_Spring_1934 L._Fellows_Madison_Square L._Fellows_Heya! L._Fellows_Esquire_1949 L._Fellows_Donegal_tweed L._Fellows_Casablanca L._Fellows_Bowling L._Fellows_Black_Tie03 L._Fellows_Black_Tie02 L._Fellows_Black_Tie L._Fellows_1941_boldstripes L._Fellows_1940s_beforethegamegetsdowntobrace L._Fellows_1940_greenvelvet L._Fellows_1940_dbivorysuit L._Fellows_1940_combomorning L._Fellows_1940_3pcherringbonestripe L._Fellows_1939_shooterupland L._Fellows_1939_redplaidsuit L._Fellows_1939_houndstoothsuit L._Fellows_1939_greybeachsuit L._Fellows_1938_venicedb L._Fellows_1938_hawaiipatchpeak L._Fellows_1938_graywindowpane L._Fellows_1938_butchershirt L._Fellows_1937_yellowdrinks L._Fellows_1937_twogentspicnic L._Fellows_1937_overcoats L._Fellows_1937_fatherson L._Fellows_1937_dappering L._Fellows_1937_collegestudents L._Fellows_1937_cardigan L._Fellows_1936_twostrollers L._Fellows_1936_tenniscourt L._Fellows_1936_sbrownsuit L._Fellows_1936_saalburgbrownsuit L._Fellows_1936_princetonglenplaid L._Fellows_1936_monkbomber L._Fellows_1936_gabardinejacket L._Fellows_1936_courtherring L._Fellows_1936_champagnestroller L._Fellows_1936_champagnebluedb L._Fellows_1935_stringshirt L._Fellows_1935_strawboater L._Fellows_1935_sharkskin3pc L._Fellows_1935_seersuckersuit L._Fellows_1935_seersucker L._Fellows_1935_nasau L._Fellows_1935_madisonsquare L._Fellows_1935_gunnut L._Fellows_1935_gabardine L._Fellows_1935_duketopcoat L._Fellows_1935_diagonalblue L._Fellows_1935_dbstrollershepherd L._Fellows_1935_dbchalkgrey L._Fellows_1935_courtpicnicdressy L._Fellows_1935_campus L._Fellows_1935_brownstripeworsted L._Fellows_1934_whitetie L._Fellows_1934_weddingbig L._Fellows_1934_spring L._Fellows_1934_silksuit L._Fellows_1934_resortwear L._Fellows_1934_midnightblue L._Fellows_1934_houndstoothgrey L._Fellows_1934_harrisulster L._Fellows_1934_greentweed L._Fellows_1934_greensuit L._Fellows_1934_greennorkfolk L._Fellows_1934_fawnslacks L._Fellows_1934_engrenieering L._Fellows_1934_diamondtweeds L._Fellows_1934_diamondtweed L._Fellows_1934_dbroll L._Fellows_1934_dbherringbone L._Fellows_1934_dbchalkgrey L._Fellows_1934_chalkstripedb L._Fellows_1934_brownherringbonepants L._Fellows_1934_brownchamois L._Fellows_1933_ulster L._Fellows_1933_summer L._Fellows_1933_shepherdcheck3pc L._Fellows_1933_greentweedsuit L._Fellows_1933_gardner L._Fellows_1933_dbvestbrownsuit L._Fellows_1933_brown_db L._Fellows_1933_brooksstroller


  1. Hello
    Purchased Men in Style thirty years ago at I. Mgnin ,always hoped someone
    would create a more complete work containing all Fellows color plates in a larger
    formate . Looks like it will be the next lifetime . Thanks for this ,some l have not seen
    before . RA

  2. Vassil KRISTEV says:

    I nhave personal INTEREST!

  3. Sean McDermott says:

    I recall asking my Mom years ago whether she enjoyed the style of men’s clothing from the 40’s and 50’s. Her smiling reply was “Oh, yes!” When I inquired about what made it so special, her response to me was “That was an era when men knew what it was to dress with elegance.”

    I’ve never forgotten that and have tried to emulate those styles every day.

  4. Todd says:

    I’m a huge Laurence Fellows fan — not of his fashion work, which is great, but of the Kelly-Springfield ads. He so cleverly worked the tire maker’s name into each drawing — and it wasn’t easy!

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