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June 7, 2013 by Ville Raivio

Today is a good day. One marked by Keikari’s one-hundreth interview as part of its extensive series, which covers the fascinating world of men who think in style. Some in the form of tailoring, others through leather, shirtings, knitwear, colours, shapes, textures, words. Keikari’s interview series began on the 11th of August 2009 with the words of one Jun Kuwana. This was back when the site held no interest outside of Finland, our silly little language kept this in check. I remember sheer interest as my main motivator. After having spent too much time online sucking in menswear lore, I felt compelled to give back and share insight into the minds of men who think in style. Arbiters of elegance were safe bets: Anton, Boyer, Flusser, Roetzel, Sherwood, Barbera, so on, are all part of a continuum reaching back as far as Petronius. Each era has its tastemakers, men who either wield the pen or the apparel that rings true. One does not simply self-preclaim this title — it is given.

After having mostly exhausted the arbiters of our day, I reached forward with a different aim. The interview series now covers tailors, cordwainers, tradesmen, casemakers, men of style and bloggers. Those included have been chosen based on accomplishments, persona, taste or intrigue. My comments on their interviews are not necessary — I’m not a unique and beautiful snowflake — the texts speak for themselves. I call my format ‘mini bio essays’ as the interviewee writes the text based on my question list. The aim is to have each person truly think through the answers and I feel this best materializes through text. Writing reaches deeper and lasts. Pictures serve both as inspiration as well as documents of what they wore. As far as I know, Keikari’s series is unique in its scope and insight. One hundred down, only some thousands to go.


  1. Ville Raivio says:

    Hello again,

    and many thanks for the kind words. If you at any point have suggestions for future interviewees, do send an email or two. I’m keeping an open mind.

    ~ Ville

  2. OKJazz says:

    I have enjoyed reading the interviews and I have learnt a lot from them. Thank you very much for a wonderful site!

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