John Lobb’s Museum Calf


March 27, 2013 by Ville Raivio

Those in the know have seen and often fallen in love with John Lobb’s (Paris) museum calf. This supple leather, offered in several colours, is treated with a strong antique finish, featuring darker brushed patches on a lighter backdrop. If the reader is pondering on a pair of museum Lobbs, but cannot justify their price-range or gemmed construction, I’ve a simple solution to share. The leather comes from the Italian tannery of ILCEA S.p.A., who offers the material as a glazed leather type, titled Radica. Judging by the shoe pictured on ILCEA’s website, the tannery also supplies Edward Green’s factory. The maker shares this description of Radica: ‘Pure aniline glazed full grain antiqued calf, made in accordance with typical production systems of bespoke workmanship. Glazing gives the antiqued skin a wide range of aniline shades and effects. Padding is executed manually.’ If not directly, I’m sure this beautiful museum calf can be purchased from a leather merchant for use in special orders.


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