Interview with Wojtek Szarski from Macaronitomato


July 25, 2013 by Ville Raivio

‘I’m 32 [this interview was first published in 2010] and I’m working as a scriptwriter. Currently I’m co-writing a popular TV show called Hotel 52 for a major Polish tv channel. I’m single. When I turned 30, I thought lumpy sweatshirts and jeans are not good for a guy in my age anymore. Besides, I was attending many social events calling for a smarter outfit. Classic style was most appealing to me. It all started with Alan Flusser’s „Dressing the Man“. Various blogs and style forums are helpful too, but it was not until I‘ve started ordering bespoke cloths for myself before I begun to understand what it is all about. I’m still developing a personal style. I love Italian style but I would choose English for myself. I think it will be something like: always wear a suit but make it look informal with the right choice of accessories.


In Poland it is simple. Bespoke is cheaper than MTM or even good quality ready to wear. Tailors and cobblers run small shops. They care much about the craft, little about marketing and fancy décor of the shops. It keeps the prices at relatively low level. My style icon is Cary Grant. I founded Macaroni Tomato in 2009. It started as a hobby but is becoming bigger and bigger. I guess I just wanted to find people who share the same hobby.With my film education I’m sort of a movie freak. I also love to read memories and diaries.

Don’t start building your wardrobe with a smashing double breasted pinstripe suit you saw in a Vogue ad. Build your basic wardrobe with conservative colours and patterns since they are more versatile. Slowly make your way up to brighter colours and bolder patterns.’

Picture: © Macaroni Tomato

~ first published in Finnish on the 11th of July 2010


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