Interview with Massimiliano Bresciani


May 27, 2013 by Ville Raivio

‘I’m 43, Co-owner of Calzificio M. Bresciani Srl and Sales & Marketing Manager. After secondary School, couple of years at the University, but actually started working at the age of 18. I’m married with 1 young son (21 years old). Both are working in the company (yes, ours it is a REAL family business). My father is the founder of Bresciani. I have 1 brother and he is the stylist and factory manager. Actually we were born with “socks in the blood”. I remember visiting the factory daily with my grandmother when I was a little boy. I was not so enthusiastic at the beginning, as I was working firstly in the warehouse moving boxes, and then working like a “jolly” for some years. With passing years I matched my passion for travelling with my passion for this business, and I became the sales manager of the company.

Mr Bresciani at the Bresciani factory in Spirano, Bergamo

  linking machines on the right

My knowledge comes from working 12 hours every day in the factory. My style is really dependant on the mood. During the week I’m quite formal, but my personal style is more relaxed. I like, for example, the Cucinelli style. I’m lucky enough to know a lot of people in this business (we produce our brand, but also make for 15 other brands at the moment) so I can buy very special things made to measure. When going to high quality…there are only 3 or 4 companies like ours in Italy, 6 or 7 in Europe, and no more than 1 dozen in all the world. Usually the way I promote our socks is: “Just try it. You can tell the difference.”

A vintage sock machine, a modern argyle sock machine and patterns from 1953

We have passion for our work. This is the base. We don’t work for the profit only, but we try to always produce the best quality we can, and we enjoy experimenting with new yarns, styles and options. The machines we have (with up to 260 needles) produce the best knitting for the best comfort. People usually focus on the hand-linked toe, which is a very important detail for the comfort. But actually the best comfort is starting from the selecting of the best yarns (Egyptian cotton, Merino Australian wool, Himalayan cashmere) and is the result of a fine knitting. High-number needle machines produce the best-fitting socks. We have 12 quality controls steps, all made by hand by people with 30 and more years of knowledge in this business. The quality of the elastan used for the top elastic is important, too.

My hobbies include travelling, reading, photography and music. During all my life my goal has been to increase my knowledge every day. If you call our factory, the music on the background is “What a wonderful world”… I truly believe that, living in Italy, having the Family I have, and having the job I love, it really is a wonderful world for me…and I want to learn as much as I can. My tip: wear over the calf socks, please. ‘

Pictures: © Bresciani


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