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May 25, 2013 by Ville Raivio

‘I’m 59 years old. I’m a tailor. I run my own business, Camps de Luca. My father Mario de Luca created this House with an associate, Joseph Camps. They were both famous tailors in Paris and their work was very appreciated. Most of their clients were French (artists, VIP). Then they developed the business in the Middle East. I, naturally, continued the business because I had the know-­how and because I had always worked there. I went further abroad to search for new clients in Russia and Asia. And 2 of my sons work with me: 1 in Paris & 1 in Asia. It gives me confidence for the future. I’m very proud and happy to see this family business continue. I practised martial arts (karate) for a long time when I was younger. I won international competitions, but it has always remained a hobby. My other interest is my family. I have 4 children (my youngest son is 7) and a granddaughter who was born last month. I enjoy to see them grow.


Mr Marc de Luca (right) with sons Julien de Luca (left) and Charles de Luca (middle)

When I was young it was clear that my father hoped that I would join the business. We spent much time together in the workshop and he showed me all the aspects of the work. My father was very happy to see me continue the business he created, and to see his grandsons interested in tailoring, too. When I was a child, my father’s workshop was at home. It has always been part of my everyday life. Continuing in the family business has always been natural to me. After my father had another workshop, I went there as soon as I came from school and I spent most of my time there, watching my father and all the people working. I began to work at the age of 16 and I’ve never stopped since.

My father was a tailor so I was interested in clothing since I was a kid. But it was not just any classic style; it was masterful craftsmanship, not ready-to-­wear. Today my style is classic because of the way my suits are made. I also follow the influence of fashion and streetwear. I principally gathered my knowledge of clothing in the workshop. But I also read books and magazines. And there are many blogs about men’s fashion on the web. Iwear bespoke clothes when I work or whenever I want to be elegant. All my suits, jackets, trousers, coats, shirts, ties or even hats are Camps de Luca’s. But I wear RTW for casual or sportswear. For the rest — shoes, bags, glasses — I like to work with other master craftsmen who work with beautiful materials, such as leather or horn.


There aren’t thousands of tailors around the world. There aren’t more than 5 or 6 tailors who work like us in Paris. And in the rest of Europe (England and Italy), I would say no more than 15 other tailors. This makes no more than 20 high-­quality tailors in Europe. Outside Europe, I don’t know; anyway, I know we are very few who have this level of quality. Parisian tailors are less famous than Italians or English ones. But thanks to journalists and bloggers, people talk more and more about us. If you want to know why my clients choose me, you have to ask them. I suppose they look for someone who pays attention to them, a tailor whose know-how and craftsmanship will make them feel good in their suit. The relationship between the tailor and his client is very peculiar, intimate. But I would never talk about my clients, for instance; I never quote them.

The «Camps de Luca» silhouette has a high armhole, a forward shoulder and high vents. These give an athletic figure to the suit. The fishmouth lapel and the teardrop pocket inside the jacket are our signatures. People can recognize a Camps de Luca suit at first sight. Of course, we adapt the shape of the suit to the client’s morphology and wishes. Attention is paid to every detail and our finishes are of high-quality (handmade stitchings and buttonholes in silk thread).


Signature fishmouth lapel

I think style is personal and shouldn’t be ordered by a few so-­called references of the last century: American actors of the 50’s. Style is the result of personal research. It builds slowly and everyone can have his own reflection about style. For young people, it’s easier to learn about style now than before the Internet. There are many websites and blogs about men’s elegance and bespoke tailors. Creativity has no limits and can bring new ideas that mix with formalwear. Clients are now younger and come from all over the world. They are well-informed about tailors and they know exactly what they want. For me it’s interesting to discuss with them, it enriches my experience. But above all, I think elegance is not only a way to wear something. It’s a way to live, to behave with people. Elegance is also attention, respect, discretion.’


Signature teardrop cigar pocket

Pictures: © Camps de Luca


  1. Ville Raivio says:

    Heya, Thomas.

    Best to email CdL about the cloth. It may well be a limited run or customer-supplied bolt.

  2. thomas says:


    Would you know what type of cloth is used in the second to last pic ? It looks like some sort of blue solaro but the colour is beautiful
    Thanks very much

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