Interview with Lorenzo Cifonelli


March 6, 2013 by Ville Raivio

“I’m 43 years old and currently the master tailor at Cifonelli with my cousin Massimo. I knew that I would like to become a tailor since the first time saw my grand-father working in the workshop.  He was always a success model for me. His way of working and his style are still inspiring me. I made a master degree in economy in Paris and also some studies in London. I have two little girls who are still too young for being educate to this amazing universe but one thing that I can tell you is that they love to see their father in the workshop ! :) I’m still working with my father and the family spirit is a real strenght in Cifonelli.  Again I learned it because i grown in this universe since I was a child ! I also read a lot of book, particulary english ones for the secrets of tailoring. But you have to practice a lot to feel it well ! :-)

I’m wearing casual plans and I like to mix different style of wears and fabrics ! I don’t have a specific style in fact – just my own ! Cifonelli was found in Roma in 1880, now our showroom and worshop are located in Paris at the 31st rue Marbeuf inside “Gold Triangle”. We have a worldwide clientele and we are always travelling for meeting our customers all around the world. The Cifonelli style is a mix between the italian style, the cut and lightness, english for the structure and french for the quality of work and finishes.

I always wanted to perpetuate the work of my great father and also to learn and show to the world our specific “savoir-fair”. But I’m also interested in a kind of fashion because it’s our modern world. My priority is understand how people live and always to show of curiosity for making contemporary suits. That’s why we are promoting the idea of “contemporary couture”. We are looking for the good balance between classic and modern style. That’s the Cifonelli vision. Always thinking to a new way of reinventing tailoring. You can see this spirit on a lot of jacket models :

I’m still the same and it’s always a pleasure to meet interested people. My cousin and I are proud to talk about our passion. We are not famous, but just well known for the quality of our garments… and that’s our first pride !  like to travel and that’s a very exciting part of my tailor job. The effervescence of Tokyo and New York is very stimulating and sometimes it’s a source of inspiration. Music can be also a way to find new ideas, I play guitar since years… And I’m also a tennis player on sunday ! :-)

Since some years, we can see that people are going back to the traditional and artisanal work. The authenticity and personalization is now required, that’s why I’m pretty sure that tailoring will continues to grow and catch the interest of many customers particulary for young people. I like to meet them, a lot are questioning me particularly on internet which is an amazing support with websites like yours ! The only that I could tell them is that in life as in its style, it’s important to be proud of its choices. And especially to assume them ! That’s the first thing that I tell to my customers!”


Pictures: © Cifonelli


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