Interview With Gianluca Isaia


February 26, 2013 by Ville Raivio

“[I’m] 48 years old – President at Isaia, I mostly manage Marketing & Sales. Degree in Economics at Universita’ Bocconi in Milan, have two children, one girl, Andrea Chiara, and one boy, Enrico. They are both very interested about fashion. My father ran the Company for many years after my grandfather retired in 1961. It’s a family business, so I started to breath it since I was a child. [I’ve learned with] experience, going around the world with our agents and distributors. Today I watch a lot the young generations and the way the interpret their style. The strategy has been to create our own identity and to have as a target the “Real Man”. That means a man that has no problem to show his feelings, that is not afraid to stand out, to express himself with a personal style…..”The New Gentleman”

[My style is ]Contemporary Tradition. [Isaia is difference because of] the ability to re-interpret the heritage and excellence of the Neapolitan Sartorial Tradition in a Contemporary way. My life did not really changed. I am just very proud that Isaia embraces the new needs of the New Gentleman, the constant pursuit of new materials, the infinite attention to comfort and wearability of each garment, the obsession for details. [My hobbies are] playing tennis and spending any free time in the most special place for me…..Capri! I think the biggest fashion mistake men make is to follow the rules of other men. My tip can be: Make your own rules – do not follow mine!!!”


Picture: © Isaia

~ Originally published in Finnish on the 21st of October 2011


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