October 8, 2014 by Ville Raivio

Skolyx, Swedish for shoe luxury, is a Swedish shoe and apparel care webstore. The company was founded by E. Jansson in 2012 after he noticed that the country had very few domestic webstores for shoe care goods. Most men favoured European virtual shops for their range and prices. Skolyx began with a range of polishes, creams and brushes from the French powerhouse Saphir, but has branched out to offer shoes from Yanko as well as their own range of cedar hanger and shoe trees, belts and watch straps. Next in line are Skolyx handkerchiefs and ties made in Italy, to be added later this Autumn. The company has chosen thorough customer care and swell price-quality deals as their main edges over the rest.


When I ask why Keikari’s readers should try Skolyx, Mr Jansson tells me that “There is, of course, a couple of other companies in Europe providing shoe care accessories and are very good at that. What we feel is our biggest strength is that, since we are quite a small company, we can offer a really good customer service (please feel free to try it with an e-mail) and also offer a range of interesting products besides the shoe care products. We always encourage our customers to contact us if they feel that one can get a better deal somewhere else — just let us know and we will see what we can do to offer you an even better total solution for your shoe care, clothing care and accessory needs.”


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