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January 16, 2022 by Ville Raivio

“The issue for me is that young people are at a stage of freedom in their youth to experiment and to explore life in all shapes and forms before they get old. For the past 100 years this was expected of them, yet they are for the most part wearing very basic, dull and predictable clothing. What ever happened to rebellion, to expression, to being yourself? The lack of thought behind what the young in London are wearing is staggering – it is like The Matrix where they are being spoon fed nylon and rubber. It’s as if they are prisoners in their own overbranded clothing – overly sensitive to others in a critical and aggressive way and underscoring in style and courage so badly.”

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Kiton, grey sports jacket, size 50EU
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– Simon James Cathcart


  1. JJ Katz says:

    Thanks, Mr Raivio

  2. Ville Raivio says:


    This piece of wisdom is found in an old blog post on the SJC website. I cannot remember the link but the post tells how the company was originally born, and can be found from the archives.

  3. JJ Katz says:

    Could you pls divulge the source of that quote?

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