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November 22, 2017 by Ville Raivio

Minimum Squared is a small wallet company founded by a couple, an engineer and teacher, who couldn’t find what they searched for in stores. Bored with large, space-eating wallets and miniscule ones with little room, they decided to offer such conveniency themselves. Their first model, the Slim Wallet with Elastic, won a Red Dot design award in its first year in 2016. Since then, Minimum Squared has designed several new models for the range. All wallets are made to order in Spain, folded and hand-sewn from calf- and goatskins by reputed tanneries, such as Harmatan&Oakridge in England and Horween in America. MS sent over their Slim Wallet model for Keikari’s perusal.

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The wallet is made from Horween’s dark brown Chromexcel and the customer gets to choose the thread colour from six options. The piece is 9.2 cm long, 6.8 cm wide and 1.5 cm thick, which make for a size that fits most pockets easily. Minimum Squared’s wallets arrive with a set of leather clippings that show their range as well as a card as proof that the company is a member in Valencia’s artisans’ community. The Slim Wallet is based on their design award winner but lacks the elastic thread. The company recommends storing up to ten credit cards inside so as not to stretch the calfskin, while the back has room for many bills. The medium-sized stitches are even and the leather feels smooth, with a strong smell. The wallet seems to fit the bill nicely.




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