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  1. Marc de Luca on Rue des Experts


    October 16, 2013 by Ville Raivio

    Rue des Experts is an interesting site. Its aim is to offer a video medium to French experts on topics …
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  2. Interview with Pierre-Antoine Levy and Virgile Mercier from For The Discerning Few


    September 26, 2013 by Ville Raivio

    VR: Your age and occupation? PAL: I am 26 years old. I work in menswear. VM: I am a consultant …
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  3. Hugo Jacomet’s Interview with Kinowear


    August 10, 2013 by Ville Raivio

    Subtitles available with a click or two.

  4. The Details of Francesco Smalto


    August 4, 2013 by Ville Raivio

  5. Anthony Delos and the Zen-like State of Shoemaking


    July 28, 2013 by Ville Raivio

Only a beautiful life is worth living.

"If John Bull turns around to look at you, you are not well dressed; but either too stiff, too tight, or too fashionable".
~ Beau Brummell