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  1. Epictetus


    April 1, 2013 by Ville Raivio

    “First, know thyself; then, dress accordingly.” ~ Epictetus

  2. Steve Martin


    March 18, 2013 by Ville Raivio

    “My philosophy is: as the face gets worse, the clothes have to get better.” ~ Steve Martin

  3. Terry Pratchett


    March 15, 2013 by Ville Raivio

    “The reason that the rich were so rich, Vimes reasoned, was because they managed to spend less money. Take boots, …
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  4. Tony Gaziano in Quote


    March 12, 2013 by Ville Raivio

    “Keep it basic, there is nothing worse than overdesigning a bespoke shoe simply because you have the licence to detail. …
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  5. Brummell in Quote


    March 11, 2013 by Ville Raivio

    “Folly is the making of me.” ~ Beau Brummell

Only a beautiful life is worth living.

"If John Bull turns around to look at you, you are not well dressed; but either too stiff, too tight, or too fashionable".
~ Beau Brummell