The most beautiful 21st century tweed ?


December 11, 2014 by Ville Raivio

Some two years ago I saw a tweed I haven’t been able to forget. It was colourful, coarse, thick, warm, and beautiful — as a proper British tweed should be, but it also had a bit of something else. I cannot name this element, so it can only be that quinta essentia men found some centuries ago, but forgot as science obliterated pondering for pondering’s sake. This tweed is Kirkton 551 from Lovat Mills and I’m calling it the most beautiful tweed of this, our 21st century.


Head over to The Journal of Style for the full monty:

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  1. Bård says:

    Cutter Karl Matthews had a jacket made of that tweed some time before the one you show. He run his own blog back then (still online) you’ll find a pic of the jacket there.
    Matthews may have inspired his former A&S colleague S. Hitchock.

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