Live Men Do Wear Plaid


August 24, 2013 by Ville Raivio

Olden lore: Time magazine’s June issue turned its gaze to glen urquhart plaid and presidential style in 1982. On this year, Ronald Reagan toured Europe in a blue-and-gray glen plaid suit, much to the dismay of retinas and camera lenses on both sides of the Atlantic. White House aides decreed that the jacket and trousers, tailored by Frank Mariani from fabric woven by Illingworth, Morris & Co. Ltd., had a whiff of riffraff, political dignitaries had certainly presumed somber tones, GQ — back when it still held the smart title Gentleman’s Quarterly — came to Reagan’s defence. The president remembered the old adage, Don’t panic, and simply stated ‘I like that suit’ — and that was it.


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