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May 7, 2013 by Ville Raivio

‘I’m 44 years old and I’m an artist with classic studies, humanities, and I have exercised a profession of lawyer for 10 years. I’m happily married and have three princesses. My wife is the first supporter of my adventure and I have involved her, entrusting the administrative direction of my business. As we know, however, women have a greater sense of concreteness with respect to us men, so that Silvana (my wife) is no longer only responsible for administrative, but also an “accomplice” for any decision on the commercial development of Sciamàt. Silvana, with my daughters, before long, will launch a women’s line of Sciamàt. As you can see, my family more than relates to my “style enthusiasm,” it represents the true heart of my adventure.


Mr Valentino Ricci (right) with brother Nicola Ricci (left) and Frans Boone

I have for classic clothing not just an interest, but a passion. A passion that very few images collected since my child’s eyes, and then as a boy, stimulated me to take up my current position. I don’t care to be in line with the trends of the moment, but to frame myself in the history of humanity and not to lose one’s way as Man. My knowledge of clothing is a synthesis of a series of studies and experiments that are inspired by the example of the greats of the past, who mingle with my very personal ideas and needs, and they are in service to realize to me what is the “right” garment.


My dress is modern classic, aristocratic rustic, ideal for those who, while having a great personality, are able to be silent rather than talk. The company whose “ready to wear” I really appreciate is Ralph Lauren. My business was born by chance, as a joke, but I have been so well-received and from names so big that I knew right away that Sciamàt could become a more important thing for me, and that it was necessary to put a maximum dedication for all those who immediately entered in the club of Sciamàt.


The style of the Sciamàt company is a style that appears immediately distinctive.  It corresponds to the characteristic nature of our business; we are constantly looking forward to realize something new and original, and we are not doing it in order to create a new trend but we do it as a natural reflex of our creativity, again a type of creativity you may find only in men who tend to follow their star. We say our products are “superior” not to celebrate ourselves, instead we think that anything that is superior is original indeed; furthermore, we believe that real originality is real superiority. In fact, how could we have a new position or rank without having a better product? Though, we are in a continuous research tending to always upgrade our creativity, since the spirit of it pushes us to create values before creating clothes, and it represents the natural outcome of our destiny: the infinite!


Not all of your readers would choose Sciamàt. Sure, the dress made in our tailor shop Sciamàt will never be just another suit of tailoring. The style is so much characteristic that the people recognize it without even reading the label.
And it is precisely for this reason that it cannot, indeed must not, please everyone. [My hobbies are] my family, my home, my friends.


My grandfather used to say that if men, in order to live, should take examinations…they would all be rejected. I find this slogan timely and a strong grip on reality. I appeal to younger readers of this site to say that rather than engage in learning a bit of style, exercise daily priority, for a man must seek to understand what is the ideal location in the world for each of us. Style, elegance, poise are all reflections of one sun: beauty. And the beauty that can not lead us to God, for Him, to understand our more deep and secret “vocation”. Certainly the presence of a relative of style can help, through his example, to make a choice more or less correct in clothes and behavior. If, however, this relation does not exist, it will be difficult for anyone to imagine and mix reality with their creativity. It can happen, if the readers are good directors of their lives, even the fact that adapts to our imagination and our relative imaginary becomes the most exciting of all of the relatives of style.’

Pictures: © Sciamàt

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  1. Colonnello Edgard Lourenço says:

    Prima perdonate il mio povero italiano.
    Complimenti per il gusto e l’eleganza di Sciamàt.
    Io vivo in Portogallo. Solo per avere un’idea, vi chiedo quanto costa un blazer come questo:

    Cordiali saluti

    Colonnello Edgard Lourenço

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