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Laaaaiskottaa ku on loma ja kaikkea, joten oon kopsannu tankerokieliset myyntiväittämät modculture-foorumin postauksestani ihan suoraan.

a  few shirts for sale

a vintage candy stripe ben sherman, size 4 / xl

here we have a very nice vintage short sleeve bennie in salmon / pink / ish candy stripe, perfect for those long warm summer days with a breezy beach boys vibe, and, as later 'designed' by mr. weller. the shirt is in very good condition and comes with all those classic ben sherman details such as collar back button, locker loop, sewn-in back pleat and v slits with button on top on sleeves. benjamin sugarman certainly kew what he did when knocking said details ott of truval career club shirts. having said this, this one really is a bennie from a better, bygone era, with no-nonsense design and no contemporary monstrosities such as contrast buttons, tiny collars and all that rubbish.

30 euros + mail all over, pm me for exact measurements. paypal / concealed cash / seedy deals accepted. ish.

a plaid dna groove shirt, xl

here we have a very good condition, beautiful shirt from italy's finest. very nice plaid check - possibly original 60s shirt material as the fabric is 60/40 cotton/poly blend, quite unlike dna groove shirts usually. being a piece from dna groove's 2004 range the shirt is almost a vintage piece now. perfect for that classic mod / skin / suede look.

25 euros + mail anywhere all over round and round.. pm for measurements et cetera
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