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« : 20.02.13 - klo:14:25 »
Sain vihdoin vastauksen kysymykseeni Lockin edustajalta. Tiedustelin, miksi asiakkaan tulisi maksaa preemio Lockin hatuista, jos ne kaikki alihankitaan eli valmistaja on muu kuin Lock.

"Well the issue is somewhat more complex to that (and I promise that is not a skirting around diplomatic answer) Christy's has in the past made a significant amount of our hats, we still have one or two styles made by them but not many, this is due to quality issues. Effectively all of our ready to wear hats, which is more or less all hats are made where we find the best quality, whether that is Luton, Stockport, Spain or elsewhere, and they are all made to our specifications.

Further to this there are two other elements which are very important with a Lock & Co. hat or cap; one is the after-care which comes with it, We maintain the facilities and expertise to complete almost any repair on a hat so really when you buy a Lock & Co hat it is for life, I know of no other purveyor of head wear that can offer such a thing and does not charge for it. The second thing which is essential to a Lock & co. hat is the expertise that it is sold with, all of our staff are extremely knowledgeable about hats, the appropriate times to wear them, the way in which they are made etc. It is something we are very proud of. If there is anything else you would like to know feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] I'd be more than happy to answer any further questions"
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